University House Wallingford
4400 Stone Way N., Seattle, WA  98103
MAP & Directions

Check in and Q&A begins at 6:00 PM. Class starts promptly at 6:30 PM. Traffic can be heavy
so leave time for travel.

Street parking. When you park on the street you will enter the Lobby from the street and the
Olympic Auditorium is to the left, past the receptionist and elevators.

A limited # of parking places are available under the building - enter on 44th (one-way
westward). You need to use intercom to gain the garage. You will also use
intercom to access elevators. Exit to your right on lobby level to go to Auditorium.

IMPORTANT: If you do park in the garage, when you leave, in the elevator you MUST press
P2 to get to the floor where your car is parked.