The Abascal Way TQI Diet plan book and
cookbook is a two-book set.
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The Abascal Way Table of Contents
      This book has all the information you need to quiet inflammation.
    Nonetheless, taking one of my classes can be an incredibly valuable
    addition to the book. Part of the beauty of the class is that you experience
    positive changes in your body while at the very same time learning why
    you are improving. Learning on multiple planes (visceral, intellectual,
    emotional, etc.) gives you an integrated experience that has real staying

      Having a set schedule makes it easier to commit to, and do, the
    Elimination and Testing Phases. The visual elements of the lectures help
    you focus and make the more technical topics easier to grasp. Being part
    of a group of individuals on the same journey is energizing.

      During the class series, TQI students can contact Kathy directly and get
    answers to questions and issues that may arise. Students also have
    access to Kathy's Recipe Board/Discussion Forum. The forum provides
    recipes that fit the TQI Diet plan, food suggestions for commuters and
    travelers, students post food diaries and get feed back on how well they
    are implementing the plan, and questions are asked and concerns
    addressed in the Ask Kathy forum.  

    Current class schedules are posted HERE
 The TQI Diet
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The Abascal Way
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