Cancellation & Refund Policy:

    Request submitted more than 72 hours before the series begins:  Full tuition less a $20 administrative fee
    Request submitted less than 72 hrs before the series begins:        No refunds

    No transfers to subsequent series.

    Cancellation requests submitted at least 72 hours before a series begins will receive a full tuition refund less a $20
    administrative fee. If books were purchased with registration, and shipped, the actual cost of buying the books separately
    ($30 + S&H + sales tax) will be deducted from the refund. No refunds will be granted within 72 hours of the class beginning
    or once the  series has begun.

    If there is an emergency, please email promptly. We always do our utmost to help students who find
    themselves in emergency circumstances.

    Our Policy explained:

    Our cancellation policy is simple and firm. Once you are within 72 hours of class start, and absolutely once class starts,
    there are NO refunds. There are NO transfers to subsequent series.

    If you buy a ticket to a Dylan, a Gypsy King, a Blake Shelton or other music concert and end up not going because you got
    the flu, your daughter dropped her kids off, or your mother had an emergency, you do not get a refund of your ticket
    purchase. You certainly cannot contact the ticket office six months later when the musician is back in town and get your
    old ticket switched for a new one.

    If you sign up for a painting or a language class series and attend a few classes, you will not get a full refund, a partial
    refund, or even a transfer to another series simply because you discovered you did not want to paint, or couldn't make it
    to class for whatever reason.

    We have a demographic that includes an age group who may suddenly be faced with a diagnosis in need of medical care,
    where with some frequency elderly parents need immediate attention, whose children and grandchildren place sudden
    time demands on them. Our students do have travel demands, work demands, family demands, and more that make it
    more difficult to attend all of a class series. We make every effort to provide make-ups for missed classes within the
    current and a subsequent series, even at a different location, WHERE possible. However, we are unable to handle
    requests for refunds and transfers to a different series. And we are only able to provide make-ups to those who make
    timely requests and in situations where make ups can be arranged. We do not guarantee make-ups although they usually
    are available.

    So those are our cancellation/transfer/makeup rules in plain English. This actually is rarely a problem but we decided to
    spell it out in detail because we do have the occasional person who either makes loud, threatening noises or stomps off
    in a snit if we do not do their bidding (e.g, provide a refund or a transfer). Please understand: When you sign up for a
    class you acknowledge and agree to our no refund/no transfer/no guaranteed make-up policy for yourself and anyone
    else you buy a class for.

    TQI reserves the right to cancel any series due to enrollment, location, weather or similar circumstances. A full refund
    of the class fee will be provided under these circumstances.

    TQI reserves the right to reschedule any class in a series due to weather, illness, or other exceptional circumstances.
    Rescheduling will usually be to an online class and if a student cannot attend the rescheduled class, a make up class
    will be offered free of charge in a subsequent class series but no refunds will be made due to rescheduled classes.
Cancellations & Refunds

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