"Thank you so much.  You are changing lives ( literally
    life styles) one person at a time with your shared
    experience and science-based knowledge."

       "Thank you again for this most wonderful and amazing   
    way of eating.  People look at the plan and say “I’d never
    have the will power to do that” and I tell them that it doesn’t
    take will power because you are NEVER hungry and you
    feel great."
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No More Red Snapper?
"I can't thank you enough for all the research & work you have put into
this program & all the work you do to share it with people. Your panorama
of  the food system & how it affects  us is truly fascinating." MD
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"When I eat well and focused on
quieting inflammation:

I walk and exercise more in general. I
get out with friends more. I move
more. I live more!

TQI Diet reminds that my enthusiasm
for life is directly tied to what I put
into my body"
"Eating faithfully on the TQI Diet is like a

My energy level is soaring.
My skin looks clearer and healthier.
My head is clear.
My procrastination is gone and I am
handling things that have been sitting in
piles around my home and office for

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