Please note there is no class in Walingford this fall as University House is
    remodeling. Also, we are now running the series five (5) consecutive weeks.

    Sundays, Swedish Med. Center, Ballard, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
    5300 Tallman Ave NW, Main Entrance - Map
    Class Dates: September 4, 11, 18, 25, October 2

         No class on Thursdays - University House Wallingford is being

    Saturdays, Sheffield Bldg, Vashon, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm - Map
    Class Dates: Class Dates: September 10, 17, 24, October 1, 8

"Just wanted to let you know how
fabulous I am doing. I am still on the
elimination phase and have never felt
deprived in any way. I have gone
down at least three sizes, I sleep
better, wake up earlier and with a
clearer mind, feel a sense of
calmness, my skin feels better.....I
feel like a 20 year old again. Think of
you often and thank you so much for
sharing this great way of living. "
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"With the knowledge I have gained from your classes I feel well
equipped to handle my diet in a very healthy manner. I feel energy I
haven't felt in over 20 years and I have lost a whole pant size since
starting the elimination phase of the TQI diet.  

My knees were swollen and it hurt to go up and down stairs.  Since
starting the TQI diet 5 weeks ago I am happy to report I have
absolutely no discomfort what so ever when going up and down stairs
or simply walking.  The swelling has disappeared and my knees look
and feel normal.

I am grateful for having been introduced to this life-changing program"
I am a 47 female physician.
My total cholesterol in July before I
started the diet was 214. I just had it
checked in the beginning of January and
the total was 174! My cardiologist was
floored that diet alone was capable of
that drop, as of course what we were
taught in medschool was that the very
lipid limited Dean Ornish diet only
caused a modest 10% drop in lipids at
best. So I was delighted and wanted you
to know. I have also had many other
health benefits from the diet,for
example: 10 lbs weight loss from 148 lbs
to 138 (my weight in high school!), less
chronic swelling and pain in a post
surgical knee prone to osteoarthritis,
clear skin, fewer palpitations, many
fewer colds/URI's. I am delighted.

I have found the diet very sustainable
and have hewed close to the elimination
diet overall. I find that the ill effects of
leaving the diet (GI changes, rashes,
headache) reinforce my decision to stay
on it.

I have shared news about the diet with
several others who have also joined on
with success.I also happened to read a
referral note from a neurologist at the
UW who recommended your diet
specifically for a patient with chronic
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