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Online Class Information

    Online Class Information

    How the Online Class works:

    The lectures are in a video format that can be viewed on all devices and there are no programs to download.
    We tested this format in the last series and it worked very smoothly. The lectures can be paused and resumed but
    (unlike say Netflix) the system does not remember where you left off. However, it is easy enough to make a note of
    the end time if you are shutting down your device so you can move the cursor and restart there when you return.

    You will get a weekly check in email from Kathy that allows you to get questions answered as well as get personal
    advice where desired. Quizzes have been created for each class and students commented that the quizzes really
    help explain some of the finer points of the TQI Diet.  

    How to Get to Class

    The evening before each weekly class, you will get a class link and a password by email. The password is good
    for the entire next day (midnight to midnight). This means you can choose when to watch the class over the course
    of the day and it will not matter which time zone you might find yourself  in. In our last class, we had students taking
    the class from France, Holland, and Japan – and all across the US and Canada as well.

    Couples discount info & restrictions   

    International online class registrants - Click here for Important Info re purchasing books
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