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               Current Poster Student:

    "FYI - Just completed 7 weeks on the diet today

    Have lost a total of 19 lbs.
    Cholesterol was 206 and is now 164.
    HDL Cholesterol was 37 and remained at 37.
    CHOL/HDL Ratio was 5.6 and is now 4.4
    Triglycerides were 144 and now 118.
    LDL Cholesterol was 140 and is now 103.

    This has been a great diet and I plan to keep with it for the rest of
    my life.  Thank you!"

    Recent Raves:

    "The class has met and surpassed my expectations. Kathy's
    teaching is very clear, well planned and organized for us to learn
    and understand. The slides are wonderful and help keep us alert,
    learning and often amused. Each week I learn more about how
    everything works together. It makes sense and I am happier each
    week with my new way of eating"

    "Love this class. It has changed my life. Not a diet face, but a life style
    change for better health!

    "During and since your class I have taken off 80 lbs., had double hip
    replacement surgery postponed, eliminated blood pressure medicine,
    resumed walking and golf and become the poster boy for my physical
    therapy group. I am approaching my 63rd Birthday and cannot thank
    you enough for your part in getting my life on track. I wish that I knew a
    few more dishes to prepare, otherwise, all is good. Thank you again,
    Kathy. I hope to take your class again and steer many others your way."

    "Hi Kathy, I started late so I have just completed 3 weeks of elimination.
    Positive changes:  approximately 15 pounds of weight loss (I am in a
    smaller size of clothing), using antiacids less often, using ibuprophen
    less often. I can practically run up the stairs! I had trouble the last year
    or so with an occasional slight wheezy whistle. My doctor said it was not
    asthma related, but something irritating my throat. I have not wheezed in
    3 weeks. And I don't crave sugar."

    "I wanted to thank you for an amazing class.  To know for certain that
    dairy and wheat just does not play well with my body is a gift.   It is
    100% mandatory to me to take and experience the class along with
    reading the book.  I absolutely loved the pictures you chose to teach the
    class, they will stay with me. Also, appreciate the smart psychology
    around eating – your rules are simple to follow but work for multiple

    "I did not know much about TQI when I started this class, but I now feel
    like I have an eating plan that I can stick with forever.  Thank you!!!"

    "My A1C was 10.3 in August last year, before the class.   I had it taken
    the end of January and it is 5.6 = NORMAL!!!!  Thank you for the life
    changing experience.  I am about to go back to the total elimination, get
    a head start for spring!!"

    "I continue on the elimination diet, 7.4 months with a 67 lb weight loss.  
    I've been plateaued at this weight for awhile, but I feel good and my
    body is reshaping itself.  I gave away my size 18 women's clothes this
    week, I'm wearing a reg size 14 now.  Shopping is fun again."

    "I started this way of eating after seeing my coworker lose weight so
    quickly (50 pounds in 3 months)and be pain free from arthritis and other
    medical issues he had been dealing with prior to starting the TQI diet.
        I needed to lose weight but was suffering from severe and daily
    migraines the last several years. I also have fibromyalgia and asthma.
    This past summer I had a migraine that lasted almost two months
    straight. Doctors diagnosed me with trigeminol nueralgia and prescribed
    me anti-siezure medication. I felt I was misdiagnosed and looking at the
    possible side effects of the medication, I decided I wanted to dig deeper
    before giving in to just masking a problem. I never took the prescribed
    meds and instead started the TQI diet just before Halloween.
        It has been less than 3 months and I have lost almost 35 pounds! 7.5"
    from my waist and hips and inches off the rest of my body. I have gone
    down almost two pant sizes and NO LONGER HAVE MIGRAINES! My
    asthma isn't as bad and although I have fibromyalgia, it's not as bad as
    it has been and the bouts aren't as painful.
        I am turning 40 next week, have slimmed down, years of acne
    (GONE) and just look and feel fantastic.  I will eat this way for the rest
    of my days. I feel like I have been given a second chance at a great life
    and tell EVERYONE I know and more strangers than I should admit..
    Parents and anyone with health issues should give this a try for two
    months -it will change your lives! Thank you so much, Kathy!"

    "Since I took your class in October, I have lost 21 pounds and 2 1/2
    inches off my waist and I feel very well. Thank you."

    "A mere 4 months after starting the TQI Diet, we are poster children
    too! we feel so much better in every way- My husband and I lost 20 -25
    pounds each - our joints don't hurt nearly as much. We are 62 and 63.
    Sleeping better,  eating WAY better and tastier food. Great food now -
    better younger selves.
    Thank you so much."

    My doctor assigned me to the TQI Diet after a blood test last March
    showed some worrisome counts.  After six months on the diet, I took
    another blood test, and the results are fabulous (my doctor's words).
    I am very delighted about this, and it is great motivation to continue on
    the diet.

April 2012                   October 2012

    Total cholesterol:             233                                196
    HDL cholesterol:                83                                  87        
    LDL cholesterol:               138                                 98
    VLDL cholesterol:               12                                 11
    Glucose, serum:                 92                                 86
    C-Reactive Protein:            2.71                             0.46

    "The following symptoms all cleared up almost immediately:  General
    stiffness: intermittent lower back pain; intermittent itchy lower back;
    dry skin on hands.   I had no idea these were related to what I was
    eating--my doctor thinks these were all due to food sensitivities.  
    The stiffness clearing up made me feel 10 years younger (I'm 56)--
    I regained an ease of movement which I had taken for granted when I
    was younger, but thought was gone for good."

    "I was in class with Kathy in September 2011 and I am still following the
    plan with great joy and happiness having lost 35 pounds and reduced
    inflammation significantly in my body!  My SED rate is 2 and all my
    indicaters - LDL, HDL, blood glucose are in normal ranges.  
      I am a big fan and I have introduced several friends to TQI. Many of
    them are doing well on the plan and having amazing results - much
    healthier than before.  My partner is also eating the TQI way and he is
    healthier than he has been.  We are very happy and blessed by Kathy
    and her work."  

    1. Down 22 lbs since 1/16/2012 on TQI. My hip pain is gone, no
    more Lipitor, no more supplements, nothing but good, healthy
    food. I am regular, regular, regular. Onward and upward!

    2. This week I did a comparison on test results taken 6/1/11
    compared to 11/30/10. Cholesterol down 62 points, weight down
    33.9 #s, blood sugar levels which were heading to pre-diabetic are
    now normal. Proving once again that what we put into our body
    does make a difference. Expanded exercise to include more core
    strength work. Thanks Kathy- your class and board have helped
    me so much on my journey.

    3.  Okay, I am really flabbergasted! I lost three more pounds during
    Thanksgiving making my total 20 since the beginning. I cooked for
    my family dinner, 18 people, and made everything dish for dish so
    that I could eat too....potatoes/sweet potatoes....bread and
    sausage stuffing/wild rice pecan pomegranate stuffing....lots of
    veggie dishes....big fruit and berry salad dressed in its own juice....
    okay, so I didn't have dessert and they so did. Guess which dishes
    were licked clean? yeah, TQI....next year I won't have to do
    doubles because everyone could see how much better I am feeling
    and moving and they all wanted recipes! I have done many many
    weight loss programs, always successful in the beginning and
    then slowly coming to a stop and then gaining all the weight back
    and then some. Last week I had a dip in my thinking and I felt like
    that would happen this time too but now I don't think so.
    Everything I am doing feels so easy and other than REALLY
    wanting a piece of pumpkin pie I have not felt deprived. I am still
    on elimination and think I will stay there until more weight is gone.
    I started at 285 and I'm at 265 now. My vertigo is virtually gone
    after three grueling years. I am off chronic pain meds and only
    need occasional help to deal with aches and pains. I am 62 and can
    only wish I had known how to do this when I was 40. I tell you
    Kathy Abascal, if there is ever ANYTHING you need that I can give,
    it's yours....and I really mean it.

    4. Weight down, dramatic reduction in cravings. Body odor gone!
    NoGERD or heartburn.

    5. I also have sleep apnea. I still wake up tired, but I think I'm
    getting amore sound sleep. My GERD and heartburn is 90% better
    and have hardly taken DGL. I also feel less bloated and have lost
    two inches around my waist. This plan has been a relief for me diet
    wise. I was a compulsive but with this plan I now don't worry about
    how much I'm eating (I eat until I'm full) and if it's fattening or
    counting points. I'm doing this for good health.  So thank you for
    teaching us how to eat.

    6. I cannot tell you enough how much your work has meant to me
    and changed my life! Originally, I took the class to lose weight
    (which I did!) but just this past September, I was diagnosed with
    Ulcerative Colitis! And your work has meant more than ever now
    that I have a serious chronic condition! I was able to tell my Dr that
    I did not want to go on the antibiotics or steroids because an anti-
    inflammatory diet was the answer! Again! Thank you from the
    bottom of my heart (and bottom!)for the work you are doing!

    7. I've lost 10 pounds as of this morning (beginning of day 12 for
    me) I've also lost one inch. My aches and pains have continued to
    diminish. I'm amazed, my gout isn't acting up at all. I've had back
    and hip pain for a few years now, I noticed last night that I could
    actually sleep through the night without pain. It gradually got
    better this week. My Crohn's isn't acting up at all, it seems to like
    the diet. My stomach isn't twisting in knots, it stopped rumbling
    and twisting on Tuesday and hasn't started up again. I love the
    food and the way it makes me feel.

    8. Just thought you might want to know that shortly after I finished
    taking your classes, my second child was conceived. I stayed
    pretty true to the diet most of the pregnancy. My second
    pregnancy was much healthier/easier than my first (very little
    swelling and way less weight gain) as was my C-section. AND most
    noticeable was that the post partum stuff was not near as bad as
    after my first child. I gave birth to a BIG HEALTHY boy on this diet,
    weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long. He actually was
    bigger than my first. I am also nursing him and am so glad to know
    I'm giving my baby a much cleaner and healthier milk supply.

    9. Kathy I am still so on this change of life style! I've lost 38
    pounds and I have kept it off it has been 3 years since I took your
    class. Your work has changed my life and health remarkably!
    Thanks, Kathy!

    10. Kathy, I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the January-
    February class. Your information and presentation are both
    helpful, clear, and easy to follow. We find ourselves eating the Anti-
    Inflammatory way with ease, thanks to you. My husband has lost
    25 pounds, and I'm holding steady at a 10 pound loss, and lots
    more energy and way better sleep! Thank you for this important
    work you are doing.

    11. I've worked with plus size women; my friends are plus size. I
    have a friend who signed up for the next class. She was skeptical
    at first thinking it was another diet that wouldn't work. She saw
    how well I was doing and ate the food that I was eating. Needless
    to say, she was impressed.

    12. I used to think I had a pretty healthy diet; a fruit-based
    breakfast with toast and oatmeal and big vegetable stir fry's or
    salads for lunch and dinner. It never occurred to me to balance my
    meals or to ask myself why after each meal my stomach required a
    tums to settle down. Remaining true to your diet plan for 6 weeks
    has helped me rethink the way I eat, when I eat and why I eat what
    I eat. I've lost 16 pounds to date and am within a few pounds of my
    ideal weight. I've lost an inch and a half around my waist and
    actually enjoy being seen with my shirt tucked in! Other than
    feeling lighter and even more energetic than I normally am, I also
    am clearer in thought and action.

    13. Hi Kathy, I've now lost 50 pounds and have started losing more
    quickly again after long S-L-O-W loss period. Feeling great. Still on
    first 3 week plan for the most part!

    14. As many of you can relate I have struggled with my weight,
    food addiction and health issues as a result for the last 35 years.
    When I took Kathy's class two months ago I was still very addicted
    to sugar and carbs, was having pretty extreme neck, shoulder and
    hand pain. My moods were often irritable and cold-I was
    chronically tired and had trouble off and on functioning at work.
    Today, my weight is the lowest it has been since high school - 125,
    I am in shock. My family is eating healthier, my moods at work and
    home have been so much more pleasant and my stamina has
    increased. In regards to my neck and shoulder pain that is from
    about a 8 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10 most days. My hand pain has
    also decreased noticeably. I sleep sounder and I am in tune with
    my being. One thing that has also made this so very, very different
    is that I don't crave anything. I am loving this food, it is so tasty-

    15. Left elbow pain, which was lingering despite yoga and
    chiropractor, is now GONE ... yay! I just feel good and as a rule am
    not missing sugar/dairy.

    16. Big improvement (~75%) in Achilles tendonitis! I've had
    swollen, painful Achilles tendons (both legs) for over a year, and
    orthotics helped only temporarily. I wasn't expecting this to clear
    up. General stiffness has decreased; movement feels easier and
    more fluid.

    17. I was in the midst of an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis flare
    up when I began your class. I could hardly walk. I had been on a
    different elimination diet for six weeks which was helping
    somewhat but once I started the TQI diet I returned to 100%
    health! I appreciate learning the whys of how the food i was
    putting in my body could help or hinder my health. I have sent
    many people your way, who in turn have sent others. All with great
    responses. Just want to say thanks for bringing all of this to light
    for me and so many others. I plan on taking your classes again to

    18. I took my first class last Tuesday evening online; started this
    because I've been unable to walk without pain for about 7 months.
    I've had much less pain from day three. Today I woke up with no
    leg pain and have been walking around doing errands (previously I
    needed a cane to leave the house most of the time). I'm gob-
    smacked. Can't wait to see what other effects are down the line.

    19. I was surprised how quickly my pain went away once I began
    the plan. My pain is now gone and my doctor is planning on taking
    me off my blood pressure medication. As an added bonus I lost 20
    lbs, which at my age of 87 is quite unusual.

    20. When I go to the doctor's, they weigh me. Over the years I
    always seem to have gained a couple or so pounds. In November I
    weighed over 170#. When I went this week I weighed less than
    160!!! Even if I still have aches and pains this is worth it! I will stick
    to it even if the elimination diet cannot overcome genetics and 73
    years of wear and tear. Comment from another student: What a
    great feeling. I was 60 when I started and lost 80# and have kept
    them off. I no longer have any knee pain when I walk. It is so
    phenomenal. Keep up the great work. Check out the wonderful
    recipes here and keep you daily diet interesting. Good luck and
    happy eating!

    21. I SO CELEBRATE the good work you are doing in sharing this
    food plan. Yes. After five full weeks on the plan, I am delighted,
    and committed to eat this way for many, many days, weeks,
    months and years to come. In particular, since the first day of
    eating this way, now five weeks ago tomorrow, I have felt
    energized and optimistic about the possibilities of this new way of
    eating. And I have not been disappointed.

    22. This really works. Thank you again, Kathy, for a new lease on

    23. Actually hate to have the class over and I was dreading making
    the time for it before it started.

    24. I enjoyed every second of your class ~ the information is truly
    life changing. I am completely and totally delighted with all of the
    foods I'm eating; they're satisfying in every way. I am rarely
    hungry and on the occasion that it does occur ~ all I need do is
    look at the clock and realize that it's been too long since my last
    meal or snack. I must say, at this juncture, I prefer to eat at home
    now and before TQI, I ate out at the drop of a hat. So, not only am
    I enhancing every dimension of my life, I am saving money too!
    Another change that really blew me away is that my strength when
    I am using weights at the gym has significantly increased ~ until
    yesterday I had not lifted weights for two weeks. I had to increase
    the weights by at least 5 lbs. and in some cases 10 lbs. and prior
    to the dietary changes; I could never have gone up in weights after
    not being in the gym for a week or two. Thanks again Kathy, for all
    the great guidance. I've also had (and will continue to have) a great
    time taking this course with my good friend~ we've been on the
    phone, sometimes daily, sharing about the recipes we're trying
    and talking about the changes that we're seeing, etc. It's been a
    ton of fun!

    25. This class is the best $180 I have ever spent!

    26. I have to say since starting this program, I don't even think
    about food in the same way anymore. I have no guilt or shame.
    Eliminating sugar was the best thing. Staying away from wheat,
    corn has eliminated bingeing. I'm amazed and so relieved. I do
    know that this way of eating is for the rest of my life. I just can't
    believe that this way of eating has healed so much emotional
    baggage. Feeling this way is worth giving up inflammatory foods.
    Also, my clothes are getting looser and my middle has shrunk

    27. Kathy, have I thanked you for helping me? If not, please accept
    my warmest thanks for putting in the tremendous work that you
    have to get your book published, for teaching your classes, and
    for caring that your fellow human beings live a full, long, healthy

    28. I cannot believe I have been feeling this good for a year. Time
    does fly! I lost 40 lbs, though weight loss was not my primary
    concern due to a diabetes diagnosis right before I started the
    class. I never felt deprived. I no longer need my allergy or asthma
    medication, and my blood glucose is slowly falling with a very low
    dose medication. My IBS is no more. Best of all, I feel terrific! With
    great appreciation.

    29. I signed up for your class because I had a pretty intense gout
    attack in one of my knees. Neither of my knees has worked really
    well in the last few years and I had big puffy bulges on the outside
    of each knee. I wasn't really watching my knees, but woke up one
    morning to find that both of the big puffy bulges are TOTALLY
    gone and I can bend my knees again without pain. I was kind of
    shocked as I didn't feel the swelling going down, but in fact it just
    disappeared. Amazing!

    30. I've lost 12 pounds -- including a pound over Thanksgiving,
    which is a first. My skin is glowing, I have crazy amounts of
    energy, and near complete elimination of morning headaches,
    backaches, and stiffness.

    31. I am doing well on the plan and down to 117.5 from a starting
    weight of 132. I started your plan on my own in March, but am
    learning so much more now that I'm in your class and have the
    books. I feel great! Arthritic neck pain is gone! Even low back pain
    is diminished and I can keep up with weight training, cycling, and
    spin classes.

    32. Just to give you an update: I can eat like a horse but despite all
    my eating, I have lost 4 inches in my waist (36 to 32). I also went
    from 199.9 pounds to 185.7 pounds on my 6'2" frame. Sore
    shoulder is gone.

    33. I am now down 14 lbs, which is just a small part of my benefits.
    Kathy, you know how we were talking about my knee pain that
    wakes me in the wee hours of the night? I have had 4 nights pain
    free. I cannot remember how many years it has been since I have
    not been abruptly woken with this pain. I think I have shared with
    you that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago, and I have
    learned to function with this condition, but I have never learned to
    live with it. One of the symptoms of my Fibro is brain fog. It is
    debilitating and sometimes very embarrassing at work. My mind is
    clearer than it has ever been. I think the best way to describe this
    to you, is by telling you that I am on top of my game.

    34. I lost 15 pounds in the first three months I have been on this
    diet. More importantly, the chronic hip and plantar fasciitis I had
    for the past five years, which did not respond to normal medical
    care was gone after three weeks. I am a converted skeptic.

    35. My energy level amazes me! Absolutely no crashes after meals,
    wow I thought it was my age!...(68). I really want to be careful
    adding back foods as I feel so good.

    36. A big, heartfelt thank you for these classes. I feel like I tried
    everything else to manage my RA, from major cocktails of drugs to
    lifestyle changes (walking, eating well , or so I thought) to trying to
    sleep more to adjusting my work hours and even therapy and
    meditation, and this is THE best thing, the best result, I have ever
    had. And so much easier than anything else I have tried! I cannot
    describe in words my appreciation or the improvement in my
    overall well-being its off the charts. Two months ago, I was taking
    opioids and feeling desperate. Now I feel at least 10-15 years
    younger, energized, and am virtually pain free.

    37. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago. I have
    been taking Methotrexate and Enbrel shots twice a week. Since I
    have been on this diet I have lost 16 pounds, joint pain is minimal,
    my sed rate is down significantly and ANA is in the normal range
    for the first time in 10 years. I went into this program kicking and
    screaming but now I am dancing! I can actually ride a bike again.

    38. I have RA and went to my doctor yesterday. He was pleased
    with my 12 lb weight loss and decrease in hand pain. He is
    lowering my pred from 5 mg/day to 4 mg/day and then down to 3!
    Yeah! My blood pressure has also shown improvement. Thank you
    for offering this life altering solution to pain.

    39. I have had joint pain for years, especially knee pain, from
    surgeries early in life, and felt I had had to give up so many
    physical activities because of pain. I really didn't think I could
    change that, but now I know that I can. And I have!! I have lost 22
    pounds since the class, and most of my knee pain is gone. But for
    me, the best part is my new relationship with food.

    40. I am doing fabulous. i just sniff at cake now. Why would I trade
    in my clear functioning brain for a piece of cake? Not doing it! My
    skin is clearing up... slowly. My weight and blood pressure is
    coming down. I am sleeping 2 hours less a night and I am rested. I
    feel more peaceful and present. Thank you for this gift Kathy. You
    figured it out.

    41. I have lost 30 lbs. I have gone down 4 pant sizes much to my
    amazement. It's the first time anything has worked for me. Lots of
    people have noticed. I just want to keep on going.

    42. I want you to know that I'm still maintaining my weight after
    losing 14 pounds. My doctor was totally impressed that I'm back to
    my original wait and I've never felt better. My inflammation is
    GONE! All the arthritic body and digit pain is gone, 24/7 is gone. It
    feels wonderful. I have my energy back and that makes me excited.
    I am so thankful and blessed to feel so good. My ski pants will fit
    easily this year (smile) and I'm sporting a smaller ring to hold my
    wedding rings on my fingers (smile). I no longer sneeze and blow
    my nose every morning which was a ritual. WOW! What more can I

    43. I had done this eating plan (more or less) for about 5 weeks
    before our class started and then I have followed it closely since
    started class. I am feeling much better than before on the
    approximated plan. My weight is good, my energy is good but the
    big thing for me is that my rosacea is receding. I may be able to do
    without make up soon if this continues which would be great!

    44. I am diabetic. This program has enabled me to reduce my daily
    insulin by 3 units/day and has eliminated my need for insulin
    coverage during the day. I am waking with fasting glucoses of 95
    or less. This has all happened in two weeks on this program. Every
    diabetic should take a serious look at this program, it is life saving!

    45. Kathy, Just a note to let you know how well I am doing! I could
    bethe poster child for your class. I took your class last spring in
    Burien. The things that have improved for me include relief from
    arthritis pain in my hands (the reason I took the class), relief from
    heartburn, seasonal allergies (both winter and summer), I lost 19
    pounds and my cholesterol dropped 19 points, seldom have hot
    flashes and the anxiety that accompanied them, and my memory
    has improved. My husband and I find it very easy to eat
    proportionately and seldom eat dairy or wheat.

    46. I lost another 1.5 lbs this week despite feeling like I am eating
    more. Felt like exercising more as well. Have energy to do things at
    night. More miracles. After eliminating nightshades I am sleeping
    well and my high energy level calmed down and I have very little
    hip or joint pain. Skin continues to improve. I look forward to
    making and eating food. Feel a sense of being clean. Feel like
    dressing better. Plan gets easier to follow and I continue to know
    when I am hungry, tired and thirsty.

    47. This is my first full week on the plan. . . I have lost 4 pounds
    already and no digestion issues for the first time in months! Joint
    aches and pains are still present, but intermittent rather than
    constant. Thank you so much.

    48. My joints and body feels better. I feel better. In particular my
    ankles (broken 3 times), knees (one had surgery for a torn
    meniscus),hips and digestion (3 surgeries on this system) are all
    much improved. I feel better and have lost a bit over 3 pounds in
    two weeks. You might also want to know that I went dancing this
    past weekend. I love to dance and had been dancing 2-4 times a
    week before I broke my ankle and tore my meniscus the last time
    (about 2 years ago). Put on my dance shoes, danced like no one
    was looking, and wondered if I would be hobbled up the next
    morning. Nope. Hopped out of bed with no ill effects! That was
    wonderful and I will have to try it out again soon because it this
    continues, I will be able to reclaim an activity that I love.

    49. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. Your
    information and presentation are helpful, clear, and easy to follow.
    We find ourselves eating the Anti-Inflammatory way with ease,
    thanks to you. My husband's lost 25 pounds, and I'm holding
    steady at a 10pound loss, and lots more energy and way better
    sleep! Thank you for this important work you are doing.

    50. I cannot believe the changes and transformation my body has
    undertaken. I've reduced the size of my neck by 2.5 inches, waist
    by 8inches, chest by 4 inches! I am jogging for 20 minutes 1-2
    times per week and stretch daily. I CAN SEE MY ABDOMINAL
    MUSCLES! I've never been able to. I have clients that don’t
    recognize me, as well as colleagues, and friends. My energy levels
    are through the roof! I feel like an organically, biologically
    engineered machine.

    51. Message 1: I do not believe that the diet will change my thyroid
    condition.......I could be wrong. But, I will be curious to see my
    next test results after following the TQI program and I will
    definitely share my results. Message 2: After eating the Abascal
    Way for 5 months and 12 days I have noticed a change in my
    thyroid performance. I ran out of thyroid medicine on Sunday and
    kept forgetting to go pick it up at the pharmacy. In the past if I
    went without thyroid, by day 2 I would be walking in my sleep. But
    this time, I went a total of 6 days and didn't even miss the
    medication. I had energy and I was wide awake. I am thinking that
    this new way of eating IS helping my thyroid to function better. It
    will be interesting to have my next test to see if my dose will be
    reduced. Maybe? My doctor will be pleased to see that I have lost
    20 lbs too.

    52. I've had a small lipoma on my chest for well over a year. I was
    thinking about having it removed. I'm four weeks on TQI and this
    morning I noticed it has shrunk by about 3/4. How's that for an
    unexpected benefit? I'm pain free as well. Unbelievable.

    53. I took the class on line last summer and enjoyed it very much. I
    applied what I learned on and off but got very serious on Dec 31st.
    Tired of aching joints, eczema covering the fingers of my right
    hand for over 4+ years, weight going up and it hit me. Something
    clicked.......I have been following the program faithfully. The sugar
    cravings are gone and I can see such a change in how I feel. I have
    lost 21.3# and best of all - last week noted the eczema is gone.

    54. I took this class back in May of 2010. I have a stomach
    condition that caused me to be anemic with low iron stores. This
    also caused great discomfort in my gut. On the plan, I could tell
    that my stomach was better as I wasn't requiring as much
    medicine to keep it calmed down. I recently went to the Dr. and my
    iron stores, for the first time in many years, are actually normal!
    The only change in my life is what I am actually NOT putting in my

    55. A year ago my blood pressure was 160/110. My doctor
    threatened to put me on medications, so I did my best to "
    shape up". Last November she gave me 6 more months to
    see if I could get it even lower. After taking the class, my blood
    pressure is now 111/72. I don't ever remember it being that low!

    56. My journey began 3 years ago. I quit eating sugar in an effort
    to counteract a very bad reaction to an antibiotic which caused me
    severe nerve pain in my hands and feet. I weighed 263 lbs. I lost 25
    lbs with that change, and my hands did get better, but then
    nothing else happened until I heard about your anti-inflammatory
    diet a year ago. I took the class and I've lost another 60 lbs. My
    feet miraculously don't hurt anymore. I have my life back. I can run
    agility without getting out of breath, I can walk miles without any
    foot pain, and I look really cute.(That is, as cute as a 5'5"- 59 year
    old woman who weighs 177 can look). One of the best things that
    has happened, however, is that because I'm chief cook at home, I
    started feeding my husband this way. He's a tall skinny guy with
    no weight issues, but he suffered from really high cholesterol (350)
    and colitis. After eating with me this way since October (he really
    had no choice), his cholesterol is now 212 and he has no colitis.
    I've sent numerous people to your diet - not because I proselytize,
    but because everyone is astonished by the changes in me and all
    want to have similar results. I can't thank you enough.

    57. Hubby just brought home blood results taken in December. He
    has been a Type 2 Diabetic for about 10 years, his doctor
    prescribed medication. We instead took the class. He had a blood
    draw the day class started and now after class. Results: His A1c
    dropped from 9.7down to 5.8, his Triglycerides dropped from 253
    down to 112 and he lost 40 pounds in 16 weeks! He has eliminated
    the shoulder pain and reflux problems. His doctor came walking
    into the examination room and commented the medication was
    really working, Hubby said no! Didn't start the medication, took a
    class and started a lifestyle change instead!

    58. I'm doing great! It has been 12 weeks since the first night of
    class. I have not been perfect, but consistent. I have a weight loss
    of 25pounds. I'm down a size. I'm able to walk 2 miles without pain
    in my feet. My blood pressure is back to normal. My energy is up.
    I'm really starting to understand purposeful eating and identify
    what my bodyneeds.

    59. I was 5'7" and weighed 157 lbs when I started, and was a
    month shy of my 53rd birthday. I had no chronic health issues,
    thank goodness. I now weigh 136 lbs. My "shape"is better than it
    has been since before I had children at age 29 -- none of my "old"
    clothes fit anymore. I've gone from a size 10 to a size 6 in skirts
    and pants, and lately my size 6 jeans are starting to feel too loose!
    My only regret is that I did not learn about this diet 10 or 20 years

    60. My husband and I were both experiencing what we thought
    were typical mid life changes--aches, pains, fatigue, sleep
    disruption and weight gain--and were wondering whether we were
    just going to have to learn to adjust and live with the changes.
    Within a week of beginning Kathy's class, we started to notice
    changes: better sleep, diminishing joint pain and weight loss. We
    felt so good, in fact, that it was six weeks before I tried
    reintroducing dairy. Within 24 hours of eating dairy, my
    perimenopausal symptoms, which had all but disappeared for
    those six weeks, returned, along with significant pain in my joints.
    When I had my blood work done recently, my good cholesterol had
    gone from 82 up to 110. My bad cholesterol when from 104 to 74.
    I've dropped almost twenty pounds, effortlessly (the first time in
    my life I can claim that). I feel as if I've got my body back. I feel
    energized and invigorated. This program is for real and it is
    entirely sustainable (both on a personal level, but also from the
    planet's point of view). Cooking has become more fun than ever
    and I'm amazed at the possibilities. I'm looking forward to sharing
    recipes and ideas with others who are experiencing the success of
    the quiet diet.

    61. No sign of migraines since starting this way of eating! Not even
    a hint. I also had to take Imitrex (orally- $30/pill) and fairly often
    Hydrocodone as well to relieve the pain, and the migraines would
    often last three days or longer and I was getting them at least
    twice a week. The pain was extreme and it was really hard to have
    to miss so much work. I am so grateful to be without migraines!

    62. Since beginning TQI 4 months ago, I've lost some weight
    (about 25 lb), have gotten off a blood pressure medication,
    lowered my CRP by 1/2, have much better cholesterol numbers,
    and generally feel great. I had reached an age and 'condition'
    where my traditional ways of losing / controlling my weight just
    weren't working anymore and am very pleased to have been able
    to do the TQI. It is a path I'll follow for the foreseeable future.

    63. I have lost 7 pounds in the first week of eating the Elimination Diet of
    The Abascal Way. More important, though, I know this is how I will eat
    for the rest of my life. I have what I have named "severe osteoarthritis".
    I am turning 59 in a month. I have both knees replaced, one foot fused
    and was headed for the other foot fusion surgery soon. I also have back
    issues, and most recently (when I hit the 242 pound mark) numbness
    and aching in my right hand and down my right leg. Already, in this first
    week, I feel better. The pain in my foot has lessened, my depression
    has lifted, my energy is better and I am hopeful that I have found the
    real solution for my struggle with weight gain and pain. I am a regular
    swimmer (4-5 times each week, 1/2 to one mile each swim) which
    helps, but I haven't been able to walk much and so do not lose weight,
    only kept creeping up. I was not eating well, though not terribly bad.  
        Still, I haven't lost weight in this manner for many years, and on the
    TQI Diet I've lost it without feeling deprived or experiencing weird body
    symptoms as I have done on other "diets" I am so glad you have pulled
    together the information I need to remind me of the "whys" behind the
    good information I already had and that you have brought forward
    some of the current studies and findings regarding our food chain,
    GMOs, etc.
        I found out that two friends have just started this. One
    had serious jaw pain for more than 10 years as a result of Bell's Palsy,
    and her jaw pain is gone in two weeks and she has lost 7.5 pounds.
    The other is dealing with intestinal issues and frozen shoulder issues
    and has just started the plan in hopes that both will be helped. I am
    talking up the plan to my friends at the grocery store and my family.
    Many thanks!

    64. Kathy, the TQI diet: Helped me lose 12 pounds, Helped my
    herniated disk in my back, Gave me more energy and mental clarity
    24/7. I feel great. My planter fasciitis is not as bad. My nose is more
    clear and I'm not congested. I've been told I have a glow now. My
    constitution is better. My joints feel healthier. My muscles feel more
    limber. My diastolic blood pressure is down 10-20 points. 5 points down
    on systolic. I don't have food cravings very often, like I used to a lot. I'd
    say it's pretty darn amazing!

    65. I took your class over spring/summer. I figured out that wheat and
    gluten were inflammatory for me. All my joint pain is gone, my migraines
    have decreased significantly and I went from 148 pounds to 133!
    Yippee! My stomach pain has gone away as well. Thank you so much
    for sharing your knowledge with us! I've recommended your class to

    66. I continue on my journey. Yes, there have been a few "backslides",
    but I always start again and FEEL so much better for it! A fun piece to
    share.... My husband and I just marked 24 years of marriage in
    November, and guess who put on her wedding gown!!!!. A great feeling,
    yes... but it is the "inside out" feeling that I love. Better yet!  Your
    program was one of the best gifts this past year in my life. So... I give
    thanks! As of now have lost 12 lbs and 5 inches in my waist!

    67. You told me to try the chocolate banana pudding recipe in the
    cookbook if I was craving a sweet. Total winner and I don't even like
    bananas! Bonus! I'm in the middle of week two and doing great. My
    coworkers have been salivating over my lunches, so they are all chipping
    in now to a communal lunch fund so they can all eat what I'm eating.
    Brilliant way to cut down on my grocery bill and keep me accountable at
    the same time!

Allergy: 28, 45 x
Apnea:  5
Arthritis: 17,37,45
Asthma: 28
Autoimmune arthritis: 17
Blood Pressure: 19, 38, 40, 55, 58,62
Brain fog: 33, 40
Cholesterol: 2, 3, 45, 56, 60,62
Colitis: 6, 56
Crohn’s disease: 7
Diabetes: 2, 28, 44, 57
Digestion: 1, 47, 48, 57
Energy: 10, 30, 35,42, 43, 46, 49, 50,
51, 58
Eczema: 53
Fibromyalgia: 33
General comments: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,
27, 28, 32, 33, 34, 35
GERD: 4, 5
Gout: 7, 29
Headaches: 30
Heartburn: 4, 5, 45
Hot flashes: 45
Iron stores: 54
Irritable bowel syndrome: 28
Joint pain: 37, 39, 46, 47, 48, 53, 60,
Lipoma: 52
Migraines, 61
Perimenopausal symptoms: 45, 60
Pain: 1, 3, 7, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 29,
31, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 42, 44  46, 47,
52, 56, 57, 58, 61
Plantar fasciitis: 34
Pregnancy: 8
Rheumatoid Arthritis: 36, 37, 38
Seasonal allergies: 45
Skin issues: 30, 40, 46
Sleep: 5, 7, 10, 14, 40, 46, 49, 60
Strength: 2, 24
Tasty food: 3, 14, 24, 39, 46
Thyroid: 51
TQI works: no matter what your age: 19,
20, 35
Triglycerides: 57
Ulcerative colitis: 6
Vertigo: 3
January TQI Diet classes
January TQI Diet classes