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                                The TQI Board -

    Presently, Kathy provides a few bonus features to her students. One of these is access to
    the TQI recipe board/discussion forum during the class series. Access is not provided as
    part of the class fee but is a bonus that can be extremely helpful as you implement
    the TQI Plan. We hope that you take advantage of this feature.

    If you cannot find your login info, there is now a retrieve username/password function

    Click here to go to the TQI Board to register a username. Follow instructions below:

    1) Read Terms of Agreement and click "I Agree to these terms"

    2) Pick username of your choice. Please note the username you choose will be   
       visible to all on the board, so you may or may not wish to use your own name
       as your username.

    3) Enter the email address you used when you registered for class - this is how
       we  verify student status. You will need to enter the email address twice.

    4) Enter password of your choice twice

    5) scroll down and enter security code presented

    6) Click "Submit"

    NOTE!: You will not be able to login right away. If you do, you will get a notice saying:
    "The specified user name is currently inactive"

    Please DO NOT create additional user names trying to be able to log in immediatly.
    Your username should be activated within 24 hours. If not, send email with your user name
    to Holly:

    Check out the Membership Guidelines Forum for How Tos (How to post a New Topic, how to
    change your password, etc.)

    On the "Ask Kathy" forum you can post questions about the TQI Diet plan.

    Check out the Recipe Forum to get or share recipes.

    Check out the Ingredients Forum for substitution ideas and to find the Foods Allowed/Not
    Allowed list.

    Questions: email -