TQI DIET CLASS FEES - Register for Class

First Time Student  - $180  (Vashon class $160)  

Repeat Student - $125 (Vashon class $105)

Repeat Pairs - $170 - to register: email admin@tqidiet.com

Online Pairs Discount - $225  -
Online Classes Only -
Restrictions apply

Class Fee includes five 1.5-hour lectures and bonus access to the TQI
Board during the class series. The class fee does not includeThe Abascal
Way book set.

During the registration process, First-Time students have a one-time
opportunity to buy The Abascal Way book set at the discounted price of
$20. This price includes postage and sales tax (suggested retail price
$39.95). The books will be mailed shortly before the first class. (Vashon
registrants will pick up books at Class 1.)

International registrants - More Info

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